Small Business, Large Effort

Small Businesses are putting their best foot forward and raising funds for the Kashmir Flood Relief effort

Barsoom Bistro replicates the Ice Bucket Nomination strategy to kickstart a fundraising chain in Hauz Khas Village. So far Rs. 57,111 has been raised.

An estimated 10 million have been displaced in Jammu and Kashmir. This is one of the worst floods in Jammu and Kashmir in six decades.

While over a 110,000 people have been rescued, Indian authorities admitted that another 300,000 still haven't been reached by relief efforts. Apart from the loss of life and property, these floods are a humanitarian crises. Tens of thousands of people do not have access to food, water and shelter and are in danger of getting sick.

Telecommunications and Air Travel have contributed to the Relief effort with free chartered flights for all the relief efforts and free calls in and out of Kashmir across most networks.

While rescue and relief is in full swing, the affected areas will need support to rebuild their lives for a long time to come. The real work begins when the water and the attention has receded.

Small Businesses are putting their best foot forward and raising funds for the Relief effort.

Barsoom Bistro hosted a fundraiser on Wednesday the 18th of Sept and then nominated Hauz Khas Social to make an effort towards the same cause. Social responded instantly and in one night Barsoom and Hauz Khas Social collectively raised Rs. 57,111 for While the donation has helped the relief campaign there is still a long way to go to hit their target of 10 Lakh by the 10th of November.

Hauz Khas Social has carried the concept forward and has nominated Raasta to further the chain.

"Last night in Hauz Khas Barsoom raised 49k for #JKFloodRelief. help them make 1 lakh guys." Kristen Braddock
"Barsoom raised an astonishing Rs. 49,111 for the #JKFloodRelief. " Shivangini Tandon
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About Barsoom

Barsoom is the perfect place to meet for drinks, hold your meetings or go out for a meal with friends and family.

We pride ourselves on offering quality food inspired by cuisines from all over the world. We have a menu of award-winning deserts, tapas, pastas and salads alongside our classic cafe-bar fare, like our ever popular lamb burgers. There is always a great selection of vegetarian food on offer too.

It's the perfect place to grab your morning coffee and get some work done to nice music in a beautiful atmosphere. Barsoom serves the same delicious, fresh-ground, organic coffee from the Flipside Cafe.

Barsoom is designed by the team behind the Flipside Cafe. Raavi Choudhury, and his wife Shreya Sharma started the Flipside Cafe in 2011. In 2012 NDTV nominated Flipside for the 'best coffee and desserts menu' in India. The Flipside was one spot away from serving the finest desserts in India, after the Oberoi Hotel. After this success, Raavi and Shreya went back to the drawing board to conceptualise 'Barsoom'.

Barsoom is a 50 seater Bistro with a fully-licensed bar. The space has a science fiction theme and is dedicated to becoming a space for creative professionals. A place for thinkers and doers to meet and collaborate. All our events are future oriented: be it our fundraiser for the future of Kashmir's flood victims; our Women's Business day celebration of female entrepreneurs or October's events calendar of futuristic, electronic music.

Our upcoming plans are to introduce businesses membership and networking events for creative professionals as well as a business-of-the-month awards for the people behind the most interesting businesses in Delhi.